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Adrift in The Artist's Studio
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

NYT Reader Response

December 23, 2008 7:31 am


The World Health Organization gives a median estimate of approximately 151,000 deaths for Iraqi civilians since the beginning of the current Iraq campaign. Other estimates range from 47,000 to 1.3 million. Over 4100 members of the U.S. Armed Forces have died in the war.

It is regrettable, to say the least, that Vice President Cheney is still in a position of authority. America is not supposed to be controlled by shadow governments, or cabals within government, nor is it meant to be brainwashed by Pentagon influence of television media news. In short, the profit motive behind war must not, in any way, seduce those in American government and make the waging of war a reality. And by the waging of war I refer not only to the campaign of horror and destruction wrought upon the Muslim world, but the program of psychological terrorism perpetrated against the American people by its own government.

Unfortunately, the United States of America saw all of these tragedies unfold, and quite frankly, we were too scared to do anything about it.

I would be interested in reading an interview with Dick Cheney (and ones featuring George Bush and Karl Rove, as well), but not an exit interview. I'd like to read an interview conducted through a thick glass partition in a maximum security prison, where Mr. Cheney laments his fate as he faces charges at the Hague ranging from genocide, human rights violations and war crimes to manipulation of world markets.

But that's the stuff of fantasy fiction.

Instead, Dick Cheney will ink a fat seven-figure book deal, and will profit handsomely in the private sector. Someone with his connections will make a killing in the war industry... even out of office.

Shame, Mr. Cheney, and may your arrogance be matched with a long lifetime of insomnia, guilt and fear. May history scourge your name with a black mark of ignominy.

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JMOI said...

Hi, Mr. Golihue,
I find your comment right spot on.
And courageous: it is already difficult to admit that, we, as a people, have been manipulated but it is more admirable to recognize that we went along because we were scared.

But, contrary to you, i believe that there is justice in this world: see Pinochet. Have faith in people' wisdom and memory.

From now on, like Kissinger, Rumsfeldmarshall cannot travel the world without being afraid of a little Judge, somewhere, who would
sign a warrant for his arrest.

Have faith, did we elected Obama?

By the way, Mr.Golihue, is your first name Jimmy? You see me coming, don't you?

I am quite impressed by your other You: the one who wrote this poem about Iris "Her eyes green and gold".

Like you I read "The Road", a very good friend of mine who admires Cormack Mccarthy gave it to me.

Your cryptic description of "the Legend of Jimmy Gollihue" [this one has two LL]reminded me of the pleasure I took in reading McCarthy's book.

I hope to have the opportunity to find your book soon in a bookstore.

Good luck Jimmy Seamus.

JMOI, aka, Blackfrenchie.